Cobalt Inspection Services, Inc. follows the Florida Department of Health procedures for water testing services. We will deliver the samples to two separate laboratories after taking two water samples from the home. The first tests for Hardness (CaCO3), pH, Iron (F+, F++), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Tannins (Humic Acids), & Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). The second sample is tested by the County Health Department for BIOLOGICAL contaminates - coliform which is a micro biological indicator of harmful pathogens and bacteria - E. Coli, fecal matter, etc. Additionally, we can also test for CHEMICAL contaminates - lead, nitrites, & nitrates which often come from fertilizer &/or pesticides. If the property is located in an agricultural area, the water should be tested for nitrates, and if the home is more than 30 years old, or if the plumbing pipes are joined with lead solder, then the water should also be tested for lead (additional fees may apply).

Testing more than once a year may be advisable in certain situations:

  • pregnant or nursing household member
  • unexplained illnesses in the family
  • any change in taste, odor, color or clarity of the water
  • a neighbor tests positive for contaminants in their water
  • any dumping of chemicals, pesticides or fuels into or near your well
  • if any part of your well system has been replaced or repaired